Sunday 27 November 2016

Winter Blues..Pruning Back

Winter is fast upon us, yet beauty can still be found in the wonderful changing skies as the light filters through the trees.
I am planning projects through to 2018 yet, as with the burgeoning garden I also need to 'prune back' on some things. Journal updates on this Magpie blog will be cut back. Regular updates on work, inspiration and general news will still continue on my main blog and Facebook page
I have always loved the views of the trees through my window as they change through the season. I have woken up to them for over thirty five years.

Love the starlings when they come to visit the trees.

So now I am experimenting we ways of interpreting the trees as I see everyday.
Not sure how it will all end up but her is a sneak peak of trees in progress based on snippets caught through the blinds (thankyou to Sheilagh Dyson for the pics)

Last words to the artist Paul Nash as this month marks the end of the Battle of the Somme::
'the most broken trees even had sprouted somewhere and in the midst, from the depth of the wood’s bruised heart poured out the throbbing song of a nightingale. Ridiculous mad incongruity! One can’t think which is the more absurd, the War or Nature…(Nash 1948, 187)

Paul Nash We are Making a New World


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