Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Dreaming Blue, Spring Skies at the Prague Patchwork Meeting

April brought a change in the weather and with it blue skies.  I was recently invited to exhibit at the Prague Patchwork Meeting with Anne Kelly as part of ResonantTextiles. An opportunity to experience the world of stitch from another perspective.

There were representations by internationally recognized artists.The glorious colour work in the textiles of Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably were among the star attractions but equally,  the high standard textile work by the Czech contributors was to be greatly admired.  The quality of stitch was beautiful and I paused to reflect if this may be partly due to the fact that creating domestic items for the home and clothing for your family is still very much a part of Czech culture. 
The competitions, 'Grandmother's Garden', 'Czech Quilt' and 'Architecture' reflected this in stunning quilts of considered complexity.
View of Grandmothers Gardens with first prize (blue one on left in the recess) by Milena Kankrlíková and (third prize facing on right) by Marcela Bednářová
Architecture entry Jindřiška Katzerovan
První místo - Český quilt/ First place - Czech quilt
Jaroslava Grycová (Koruny stromů v podzimních barvách/ Treetops in autumn colours)

One of my favourite exhibitions, 'Blue is Good' project had contributions from all over the Czech Republic. It demonstrated the potential of simple theme to create a wall of colour which in clarity reflects the colours of the famous native blue glass. (The proceeds from an auction of the quilts later in the year will support PORTUS, a Czech charity seeking to sheltered housing for the mentally challenged.)

Jana Sterbova's stunning 'Red' exhibition equally exhibited the strength of one dominant colour in quilting

The international group exhibitions included 'Imagine' (first seen last year at the European Patchwork Meeting), 'International Threads' and 'Radiation' all reflected a response to themed work.There was also some lovely textile collages by French artist Martine Apaolaza.
Barbara Lange Right and Uta Lenk left International Threads

Marie Curie by Gabi Fischer (two on Left) and Birgit Schrader, Radiation exhibition
A few shots of my gallery at the show.
Lace Windows
Stitching in my booth
Grass is Greener with a view across to Bridges collaboration with Anne Kelly (my piece is in the centre and Anne has one either side in this shot)
As part of the workshop programme  I offered a short taster session on the theme of 'Layers, Lines and Image' looking at shadows and patterns based on garden views through a window.The challenges I set were responded to warmly, with humour and a great deal of talent. Helena Geitel gives here own review of the course here  Thankyou also to Eva Brabcova for a fantastic job interpreting and her husband Vladimir for the wonderful images of the work below:

I had little opportunity to see Prague, however a special dinner event allowed me to observe the changing colours and shapes in the roofline as the sun went down over the city.