Friday, 26 August 2016

A Walk Around the Neighbourhood

A simple walk around the neighbourhood can provide endless inspiration. On these last few hot days of August, sitting and drawing has reminded me how the places where one things meets the other have become an important reference:
Footpaths and weeds where they meet walls and fences. 

The edges of buildings, rooftops and features of the landscape against the skyline.

and even a spiders web which blocks your way down the garden in the early morning sunshine
 or simply take over the space as Louise Bourgeois’s late works at the Tate modern illustrate as well as the most wonderful skyline of London from the top of the new Tate Modern extension.

It is these influences that have come to play in more recent work which was recently on show for Concealed with Art Textiles Made in Britain at the Festival of Quilts.(the link show works by all members)
Unfolding Landscapes, Cas Holmes looking at what is revealed and concealed at the edges of our paths and roadways throughout the seasons. This work was shown alongside Rosie James pieces in simple stark contrast looks at Pylons at the power behind our industry in cloth.
Rosie James Pylon Series and Unfolding Landscape
 As Autumn enters I am developing new pieces for exhibition in Europe next year. These continue the look at where private and public spaces meets. More about this later meanwhile, you can check out current exhibitions on my blog including exhibitions in October in Kent at the Kent Wildlife Trust, Tyland Barn, a small exhibition and book signing with Batsford in their London bookshop and work at the Knitting and Stitching Shows with the Embroiderer's Guild Capability Brown exhibition.
Withdrawing into the shade and view the neighbourhood through the shadows they cast on our windows

Finally but not least, this blog is named after after a chapter in my first book, The Found Object in Textile Art 2010. It is being reprinted for the fourth time as we speak.