Sunday, 20 October 2013

Empty Vessels

As we enter winter it is amazing how I begin to miss the richness of the outdoors. The trees begin to lose leaves and I feel as if at times the world becomes a little smaller and emptier as we withdraw to the warmth of the indoor spaces..I begin to notice the small things around me. The hot water bottle is back in my bed and my drawing becomes more localised. But the small details can provide a wealth of interest.

Autumn Foliage and a view from a window.

The image below is a work in progress by Barbara Baines in a recent workshop in Preniac

And of course, we can go beyond pots. Listening to Radio 4 becomes a necessary part of the creative process.  Well worth a listen is Grayson Perry and the Reith lectures. He is no 'empty vessel'.

I also find myself returning to some of the bowls I looked at earlier in the year at West Dean and whilst in Hong Kong.

Green Bowl (private collector)

Finally, when the days set in, having a cuppa with your friends can be a lovely respite. This was started as part of a demonstration during a workshop in Ripon. I had obviously been thinking about vessels. But must also thank Ann Holden for the serviette. Borrowing again.