Artists often make reference to the 'personal' reflecting landscape, travel and history. This diary of photographs, sketches and notes records the things that catch my eye. The often overlooked or the 'hidden' places; the domestic intimacy of our gardens and home, in contrast to the seasonal and 'man-made' changes of the greater landscape and outside spaces, fields, woods and pathways.
Like a magpie, I collect  ideas,  objects, materials and make sketches  as I go. (and not eat my breakfast). I refer to this process in my book, The Found Object in Textile Art as 'Magpie of the Mind'. (Information on articles and publications are available here)
Creativity is finding different ways of doing things. Inspiration can just about be found anywhere, even in the most everyday situations. Be inquisitive; ask questions, and set yourself simple challenges to start your observations. Like a magpie, collect things of interest from around you, noting down what make these things interesting to you and finding your own way of recording your interest.

Jane Lafazio's interview with me on her blog  and World of Thread Festival Interview gives you an excellent insight my inspirational sources and background..

I admire and love all the Corvid (Crow) family and their naughtiness, intelligence
and 'chattering'- for those who may sometimes wonder what I am I 'doo'  may find a clue here;
 'When tha's a rook, tha's a crow; and when tha's crows, tha's rooks'. An East Anglian saying defining the difference between the sociable large roosts of rooks to the more solitary crow.
A few links to Magpies: 
Charles Davies Sherborn, the Natural History Museum's 'magpie with a card-index mind'. Telegraph July 2011
BBC SpringWatch debate
Finally two of my favourite reads:Corvus A life with Birds by Esther Woolfson a captivating biography of a woman and her love of Corvids..Crow Country by Mark Cocker, set in my native Norfolk Broads
Hit this link and see an animated stitched Corvid



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