Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Nature of Image and 7th Quilt Festival Luxembourg

Early in May I was in Luxembourg where I was guest artist at the 7 International Quilt Festival (more on this later). I stayed in Clervaux‬ which had an annual exhibition of photographs ‪‎. Clervaux - cité de l' image 
Sonja Braas You are Here
Tine Poppe Where Gods Reside, (Clervaux Castle in the background)

We sometimes take image for granted. It is so easy just to take a 'snap' in these digital days. This stunning exhibition set beautifully in the landscape of the small town demanded attention raising the questions on how we record the world around us, the 'nature' of that world and our place in it.
The view of Clervaux Castle has been a constant companion.I slept at night with it as my nightlight through the window. This is where the Battle of the Bulge was fought 16 Dec 1944. The castle has been rebuilt after the town was reduced to rubble
The festival itself took place over several villages in the region. Details of some of the works in Centre Communal, Wilwerwiltz, taken at end of set up.Works below by by fellow artists sharing the space.
Julliette Eckel‬ 
Di Ford Hall‬
Photographer in among Tea Flora Tales with the work of Jacqueline de Jonge in the background‬.....and a few more images of my work installed in a lovely space

 And there is always time to draw among the visitors
I had little time to see other works here a few of works further afield.I managed a brief walk to the neighbouring village Enshaerange and caught these pieces in the local fire station by the Norwegian group 'Sting'.
Inger-Ann Olsen
Bente Andersen Sundlo
 and Grenzenlo(o)s Dutch German collaboration in the historic flour mill:
Group project, Ladies with Bags
Installation shot
Johanna Mench
Hilde Kamps
I had time on my last morning to take a walk in the woods and footpaths around the Clervaux village:

All for now, I am taking time to work on new pieces for 'Concealed' the forthcoming exhibition with Art Textiles Made in Britain at Festival of Quilts this Summer.I also have work in the 6th European Quilt Triennial at the show.

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