Saturday, 10 May 2014

There and back again

Well the 'word on the bird' is that she is back again.  This little bird has migrated to the West Coast of the USA.

My last point of call was St Diego and I made some garden sketches in friends gardens.

Went off for the day flying with two friends..One of whom is a pilot. Never been in a small plane. The images below are of the mountains and Los Angeles as we flew. Note the Queen Mary in harbour. I even took some stitching with me but for once I could only look.

 Had a lovely Japanese meal at a small coastal town North of Los Angeles .Loved the teapot and bowl.

 Whilst back to earth, workshop commenced. A few folded drawings from a quick warm-up in my workshop in San Diego NTC Point loma. hosted by the wonderful Jane LaFazio

 And some more contributions for Tea Flora Tales from some of the students who attended. Brilliant artists by the way.

Some more Tea Flora Tales and some book forms in progress form my second workshop in St Diego with the San Diego Book Arts

It was a wonderful finish to the marathon tour. Had a day off in the hills overlooking the desert of California during the time the roads were closed to high rise as the fierce Santa Anna winds blew.

Some lovely shadows on the blinds which helped keep the equally fierce heat and winds from the desert at bay. Finally, as the sun came down on my marathon trip a last walk on the beach.
Thankyou to all my friends on the way who made this trip so rewarding in so many ways. For the laughter, warmth and companionship.  See you again soonish.