Monday, 4 August 2014

An Imperfect World?

At this time of the year after the longest day as passed,  I am drawn to think about what is new and what becomes a memory. I have spent the last few weeks working on pieces from my future exhibition in Alsace and for the Art Textiles:Made in Britain at the Festival of Quilts later in the week. This is a significant time, when we need to mark the events over 100 years ago but the one thing I have discovered whilst travelling is how alike, rather than different we are. In Freiburg, I spent last Sunday walking around small allotments where families, gardened, children played and just relaxed in the sun. I did the same with my grandfather who would keep one row of veggies in his garden just for us to do pick and eat when we wanted. Most were beautifully kept but my eyes were drawn to one with a lonely bench and weeds growing through. I wondered who gardens, or had gardened there?

Each of the gardens were little home form homes reflecting those who worked and relaxed in them. Conversely, outside these garden spaces, wildflowers and 'weeds' are allowed to grow down the middle of the road and roadsides. We live in an imperfect world..thank heavens and no amount of gardening will keep 'tidy'.
Rake and Magpie (private collector)

I ran a workshop in St Ulrich with Quiltstar which explored the notions of imperfection in 'New from Old Textiles' each student used an old fragment of cloth and reconstructed it anew in a short exercise
 Before starting exploratory projects in reconstruction. (thankyou to the students for permission to use the images of work in progress)

                                                              Annett Andersch
                 Sophie Maechler (left) and Eliane Schurgast (right)

                                                    Karin Thalicker.

and they made some more contributions to Tea Flora Tales..please join me and add to these piece at the European Patchwork Meeting.

Finally, snippets of the exhibit 'Common Place' in Quiltstar including a 'selfie' in the window

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