Monday, 24 October 2016

Dark Skies, Decay and Doing Different

During the early part of the Autumn I spent a few days in France working with a school and found this amazing car in my hosts garden which is slowly decaying with time. Love the reflections in the window and the hint that Autumn has begun.
A short trip to Norfolk last week was a timely reminder that the year is moving on and the landscape is turning to russets, gold and browns as the landscape loses its 'sheen' and decays into mellower tones. I was in Kings Lyn working at Eaubrink Studios
Fabulous to just spend a little time surveying the flat lands of my home county. The low lying light across the fields as I wound my way home on the train on Monday. (just how low lying..Eau for water)

We explored the qualities of paper as a textile medium Paper-Cloth-Stitch followed by a one day introduction to Stitch-Sketch-Books

Here is a snippet of Stitch-Sketch-Books above and a link to the blog. Also an insightful reflection by Marion Barnet on Artmixter. One of her pieces in progress (right) based on the flint wall of Norfolk 'wool' churches.

Being in a church is a reoccurring theme. I was delighted to be included in an exhibition 'In the Footsteps of Pilgrims' organised by fellow artist Rosie James at St. Mary's Church Wouldham. 17 artists made work in response to the location.

A glimpse below of some of the pieces below demonstrates how effectively work can respond to different spaces with clever use of existing fixtures and pews. This interaction between church and artwork with considered curation created an atmospheric environment outside the formality of gallery walls.

This link takes you to the Friends of St Mary's facebook page.

 Jocelyn Leigh Meditation, Six Jars of Soil looking at the places of Pilgrimage around Kent
Karen Crosby Film and prints made whilst at Snodland Paper Mill as Artist in Residence
Rosie James Borstal 1932-2016 and Janice Emmott prints
 Rosie Melville, Prayer Walk Sculpture Photos plus aluminium samples
 Sheilagh Dyson  Portraits of Gentlewoman, Gentleman and Angel
Venetia Nevill Installation Homage to Oak and Nikki Price, We Travelled at Night
 Cas Holmes above and below Red Trees and Tea Flora Tales Community Installation

A little show to mark Stitch Stories and book signing at Books Pavilion closed last Saturday.  (There are also small number of signed copies in store at a reduction of 20%). I am also happy to announce that both Stitch Stories and The Found Object in Textile Art are currently being reprinted and will be available from December. (Copies can still be found in some stores and on line)


  1. Wow, What lovely work and pictures. We had a fab time at Eau Brink Studio learning how to draw and make sketchbooks as well as making new pieces from found materials. Very inspirational and an Excellent teacher. thank you Cas.

  2. Thankyou Anita..I found my Norfolk mojo x