Friday, 26 September 2014

Free as a Bird

I have just returned from a week in  St Marie aux Mines in the Alsace as part of the European Patchwork Meeting. I spent most of the summer flying around and doing 'my stuff'.(more about that later) It makes me realise that freedom to be who we are is often taken for granted which is why I am delighted to support this fundraising event organised by St Peter's Church  at Boughton Monchelsea village Hall. You can own an original Ralph Steadman or even a Cas Holmes You can send closed bids by email to  (with your contact details)

Poster copy

So thats the most important event. 
In was delighted to be in Alsac. The European Patchwork Meeting was amazing and the team brilliant. I was drawn once again to the back of things and spaces where weeds grew up in empty building spaces.
Works by other people (I only managed a brief visit to other galleries and events)
 Kate Dowty On the left her exhibition was next to SAQA exhibition Wide Horizons  with a detail by  Sophie Furbeyre, on right
Mirjam Pet-Jacobs SAQA
A couple of details from the Japanese Kimono show

  Norwegian Group Sting

The prizewinning piece by Monika Schiwy,Breaking Through for the competition Imagine left and
Marianne Burr (USA), Cosmic Communication who won the
Apliquick's Prize

You can see more on Gudrun Heinz Bernina blog

And of course, I exhibited as well in Spaces, Places and Traces. A glimpse of some of 40 yards and Flowers of the Field, plus Tea Flora Tales

and an animated version of Tea Flora Tales

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