Sunday, 28 April 2013

Looking up, down and near to home

Seems I am not so far from home after all and in one of my favourite environments a wooded area with birds. I had a good week in Canbarra, brilliant hosts and  started to look up, down and around for inspiration. The National Museum of Australlia had some stunning architecture

A scorpion's tail and looking up, the skylights in the massive ceilings looked like giant leaves. Just stunning.

A view across from my hosts house to trees around the golf course..plenty of birds in this wood.

Fantastic Sculptural installation and building in the garden of the National Gallery of Australia. Skyspace by James Turrel.

Views and a sketch from the Telstra Tower overlooking Canbarra and the Blue Mountains beyond.

Am now in Perth for my last week. Very warm. Had a lovely day by the coast..more later

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  1. Thanks for sharing your trip abroad, so interesting. Love the sketch book work, looking forward to your second book release.