Friday, 3 May 2013

Dyeing Down Under

Last day in Australia in Perth so what do I choose to do? I spent this morning with my friend Pam dyeing fabrics with the leaves of the Lilly Pilly tree. Below you can see the plant, the dye pot and the results. Her veranda is amazing hanging with skulls so could not resist a few sketches as well. I will follow up some time with some more piccies but am getting ready to pack. 

Oh, and another Magpie of course!

A kangaroo skull


  1. I love this post! I've been meaning to try natural dyeing. Did you add anything else to the dyebath besides the plant? Love the results! It looks like you and your friend had a great time.

  2. hI Mia

    Just try different types of metal pots. India Flints's ECO dyeing is the best guide


    1. Metal pots? Interesting. I'll check out India Flint's ECO dyeing. Thanks, Cas!

  3. Hi Cas,
    I'm glad that you spent your last day in Australia in such a delightful way. I have used the lilly-pilly fruits - lovely colour though it fades - but not the leaves - so something new to try!
    Still riding the wave of Ballarat - thankyou for a wonderful workshop - so inspiring and encouraging.
    Safe travelling homeward
    Kind regards

  4. Love the foto's and the atmosphere you show.........

  5. Your friends veranda is stunning .. I so want to be there too. I was going to ask about the wonderful kettle hanging with the cloth .. but now I'm guessing you used it as some kind of mordant? Glad to have you back safely x

  6. Still playing with pots and plants..but, as always, will do it my way. Guest artist are also alchemists.