Tea-Flora-Tales is an ongoing community project on an international scale to raise awareness of the need to preserve our wildflowers and related habitat and to support the work of the charity Plantlife This growing installation was shown at Nadelwelt in May and will have it final showing at the Knitting and Stitching Shows London and Harrogate in October and November 2018. It is appropriate in its final year as we mark 100 years since the end of WW1 to include 'Flowers of Remembrance', such as Poppies, Cornflowers, Rosemary, Forget-Me-Nots and Daisies amongst them. I am delighted that the membership of the Embroiderers' Guild UK has supported this project.
How to get involved with making a small piece are detailed below in an article by Stitch magazine.

You are welcome to get involved with Tea-Flora Tales and make a continuing record reflecting these special places.

  • You can paint, draw and/or stitch an image on a piece of firm cloth, watercolour paper,  or any written text with image (brochure or postcard for example).
  • Include a wrapper from a herbal or fruit teabag (or beverage of your choice) a floral piece of textile and additional elements you like.
  • The idea of connecting flowers to remembrance is particularly relevant in 2018,  wildflowers or summer gardens could be among themes explored. 
  • Each resulting piece no more than about half a small postcard in size (about 3x2 inches or 8x5cm).
  • 7-8 of these could be stitched together on ribbon/lace to represent a group. Leaving a gap between each piece and a long length and a loop at the top for hanging. Do not worry overmuch about is it the right length, ribbon etc...Weeds are different as these will be.

Send your pieces marked Tea Flora Tales to the:

Embroiderers' Guild at Bucks County MuseumChurch Street
Bucks HP20 2QP

While visitors lingered to admire her work, Cas reinforced the message by distributing empty used tea bags, challenging her audience to use them in a collaborative piece 'Tea-Flora-Tales' as a starting point for their own stitched pieces of work. 
 Diana Brown  

Tea Flora Tales at 7 International Quilt Festival, Luxembourg

I am sorry, but I cannot return the piece to individual makers, but intend to keep the chain going to create a 'growing' installation as the work moves to new venues (so far this has included the European Patchwork Meeting where I was a guest artist in 2014, Mons, Belgium in 2015, San Diego 2016 and a local church and Wildlife Centre in Kent 2017 ). Thankyou to the individuals, groups and members of both the Embroiderer's Guild and the Quilter's Guild UK who have contributed to date.
Tea Flora Tales article in Patchwork Professional

At the European Patchwork Meeting Video

Tea Flora Tales at Farnham Pottery in Common Places Exhibition 
Some lovely pieces created by people attending workshops with Stitch Retreats
Tea Flora Tales at Visions Art Museum
Also at an exhibition in Mons at the Couvent des Soeurs noires,
Cas was inviting people to join her in making little squares for Tea-Flora-Tales - I like a good square - then they'd get strung up taken to each of her shows. I sat down and made one, didn't photograph it ;( I can honestly say that 10 minutes was the one serene; calming few moments of the day! Emma A Little Bit of Everything 

You may wish to join or donate directly to the charity Plantlife  Other useful links to wildlife and conservation (RSPB, Woodland Trust, Kent Wildlife Buglife ) and related charities here.

Some of the pieces to date:
From the USA

Box from Mons in Belgium

Netherlands large grouping  (below)

Kent WildlifeTrust
From Deborah Collum Love Art
Sheilagh Dyson (above)    
Linda Litchfield sent with postcard, Loose Sheet, Louise Bourgeois
                 Lindi Bundfuss above and Mary Monckton all the way from New Zealand

Some lovely pieces sent in after a workshop at Sew Not Strawberry Jam by Lesley Brown and her friends (above)

All images and text copyright Cas Holmes and participants 2017.
All rights reserved.


  1. Wonderful project, wonderful books...congratulations on the reprinting...you are an important and positive influence and inspiration in so many lives and in so much art. Thank you, Amy Mimu Rubin

    1. Thankyou Mimu for your kind words..only just picked this up. We all can make change.....small acts and big hearts only needed

  2. Excellent project Cas will definitely take part and spread the word. Nature is my world in every way ... 🍁

    1. Thankyou Norah..so much going on so delighted to hear your comment pop up xxx

  3. This is the good way to promote charity and wild flowers, thumbs up from our side i.e. Assam Tea Online

  4. Hello, I'd like to contribute, is there a closing date to submit stitched pieces please?

    1. Hello Unknown..I am sorry I did not pick this up earlier. I am exhibiting the piece at Ally Pally Knitting and Stitching Show 11-14th. You can bring a piece or send me one (message me on my contact form at www.casholmes.co.uk)

    2. Many thanks, no worries - you did reply to my message and I submitted a piece. Many thanks for the opportunity to contribute to this fascinating and beautiful art work.