Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bloomin 'lovely Ballarat and on to Tasmania

Have just spent some time in Ballarat with a great group of students and teachers. Wonderful to be here again. On the second day a student bought in a dead Wattle bird. I could not resist photographing its magnificant plumage and making a sketch. Makes a change from an appple for teacher. 
 Cormorants were fishing and drying ou in the sun on lake Wendouree.Ballarat founded it wealth on mining and the lake has wonderful Botanical gardens on its surrounds.
A quick sketch at teabreak in Ballarat Grammar school where the workshops were held.
As always, installations were popping up all over the place.This piece by Debroah McCardle changed as it moved around the site. Her work will feature in Connected Cloth (co-written with Anne Kelly). Due out soon.
The students added to Tea-Flora-Tales which was great and the project is now becoming global.

And finally in Tasmania, staying in Laichlan and New Norfolk region so am feeling 'right at home'. But unlike my native Norfolk..far from flat. This is the view from my little single billeted 'hut'.

and the journey into work...Will update later with further news from Tasmania. No devils yet but have seen a Bettong


  1. Lovely post Cas - I so loved my visit to
    Oz 3 years ago and would love to go back - thx for bringing back my own memories and enjoy the rest of your visit

  2. love the country and New Norfolk has some lovely sights and very warm people.