Friday, 19 April 2013

Antipodes- diametrical opposite..from Tasmania..the bottom of the world

Antipodes means 'diametrical opposite'. Autumn as opposed to Spring. Leaves remaining on trees, days getting shorter rather than longer.Needing to wear four layers in Australia. All the things which seems different to what you expect. Have spent a few days in Tasmania...and many things remain familiar if sometimes a little unexpected.
Seagull on Bruny Island
The 'Neck' connecting North to South of Bruny Island, Deep Pacific Blue on the left, shallow bay water on the right
Autumn flowering Banksia named after Joseph Banks, Plantsman
The next few images are from Birchs Bay Sculpture Trail: Unexpected sculptures referencing plant forms in the Australian landscape.

Fantasy of the Fungus. Marcus Tatton
Resilience Kirst Foley-Lewis and Matt Fisher
Sally Brown

Andy Goldsworthy by comparison with his natural sculptural interactions with the spaces around him. This piece is called. Gold Rowan Leaves. 

The views and habitat of Mount Field north of Hobart:

A domestic view and sketch whilst having breakfast:

and finally, a quick related sketch in stitch from my 'Imperfect Plant' series.


  1. Really interesting blog. Love the sea gull shot...excellent photo...clever lady! Have enjoyed following your journey,thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks Anni. Find its useful to have an on-line diary.