Sunday, 24 March 2013

Entering Autumn,Leaving 'Spring'

Well, the solstice has passed and we are officially in 'Spring' though it is more like Winter. More confusing, I leave shortly for Australia via Hong Kong so will enter Autumn bit will feel more like Summer. Will need clothes for four seasons (isn't there a pop group in there somewhere?)

I will update this blog with sketches and images as and when I can. Meanwhile, I leave my other half (Derek) doing a 'Spring Clean'. He is a very handy guy so we will be putting stairs into our loft to make better storage and access and further down the line, kitting out our old shed as an outdoor room/studio.

Before leaving, I am reminded of a the winter trees, Witch Hazel and cold weather behind:
Witch Hazel 15x15cm
Witch Hazel 

 A sketch of pots at West Dean pottery studio and photographs from the windows of my house
Winter Tree and Bowl 15x15cm


  1. LOve thoses pots ... enjoy your trip and all those seasons x

  2. Beautiful; your work is always at the back of my mind. I do so love it. Ann. xx

  3. Sounds like a great trip Cas but I would need about four suitcases - a suitcase for each season ;-)
    Looking forward to seeing photos and hearing about your travels.

  4. Coming back all those trees will have masses of leaves.........and real spring will have arrived.
    Enjoy your stay in Australia Cas, i love to hear your stories.

  5. Enjoy your trip, Cas! I'm looking forward to the photos from the trip. Your "Witch Hazel" piece is amazing. Very inspiring!

  6. Really looking forward to it. Sketchbook in hand and camera at the ready


  7. The temperature is in the high twenties to mid thirties centigrade this week, but who knows what next week will bring. Melbourne is known for it's four seasons in one day. Looking forward to the workshop.