Tuesday, 26 February 2013

To 'Doo' Different Norfolk and workshops.

I have just spent a few days back in Norfolk with family and running workshops with Anglia Leisure Learning at Belsey Bridge. One of my favourite Norfolk sayings is 'To Doo Different' with a long 'o'. It was great to catch up with family and take in the cold sparsity of the landscape and trees.

There is a lot of Dutch influence in the East Anglia as these houses in Beccles reflect. Much of the wealth was founded on the wool trade and the later digging of dykes and waterways in the countryside.

Many of the churches and houses are built with local flint. This wall has bottles inserted into the brickwork to bring light into the interior..I think?

And, for those who may sometimes wonder what I am saying..as I 'doo'...you  may find a clue here; www.norfolkdialect.com

 I stitched a quick sketch:
and like the back (top) better than the bottom (below)

The student focus was on using seams, edges and pattern to create personal narratives. Thanks for permission to share on this blog:

 Lace and isolation of part of image by Karin Bourne (above)
Use of clothing and needlework references (left) by Claire Thirkell
 Anne Davies using more illustrative processes..would work well in a children's book
 Detail of edges and layers by Sheilagh Frankland
Flying Crane by teacher specialising in design textiles  Tracey Xu


  1. Really lovely. And how I would love to come on another workshop run by you, Cas.

  2. would love to see you again as well Ann your journals are amazing