Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hong Kong between the storms

A short break in Hong Kong before Australia and whilst the weather is warmer it is certainly familiar. Rain, rain and more rain and lots of it.Still at least its not freezing. I am staying in the Tin Lau area of the Island (east of Causeway bay. Tin Lau is goddess of the sea and very important to Hong Kong people. I wonder if she is also invoking the rain? Below are a few images of the local temple and the night scene just outside my room.

On first full day I did the touristy thing and took a tram ride up to the Peak and then joined all the Chinese keep fit and dog walkers on the long walk down. Th
e sun actually brook through for a while and allowed a lovely viewing of the botanical garden and  Battery Point on the way down. I even managed to continue through the longest escalator route to central. Using the steps as the escalator routes uphill. Then took the Star Ferry to Kowloon and then back to Wan Chai. Walked along region of Causeway taking in some noodles before a welcome return to bed.

Sparrows after my sweet bun

Peak view tram and view

Sketch Kowloon Park

Kowloon near the harbour Hong Kong and me reflected in the buildings 
Buildings Causeway Bay

On second day took a small bus to Stanley and the market. I have to say, I was drawn more to the walks and the Military Cemetery rather than the market. Most of the day dodging the storms. They have their own Tin Hau Temple, with a festival and dragon dancing on the day.
Tin Hau at Stanley

Offering at Pak Tai Shrine (God of the North and special and special to fishermen)

It is still pouring with rain..which is why I am taking some time to update my b log..but need to go out to get some noodles or rice and dumplings.


  1. Looks fascinating ... I love the temple images escpecially - so rich. Hope you manage to lost the rain eventually when you get to Oz x

  2. This is so interesting Cas, thanks for all the chinese pictures and say hi to Tin Lau
    for me..........

  3. Despite the rain it was fascinating. Am on my way to Melbourne so will keep posting


  4. Glad you're having a good trip - save your sparrow shots for me please! x

  5. oh........I love hong kong! I haven't been in years, but I have been there many many times and miss it so. Color me envious, Cas! and I love seeing your sketches!