Saturday, 12 January 2013

Reflections on Water

A few pictures and a sketch of reflections in water. Norfolk and Kent. My observations are made in the sketchbook at the bottom of this image, directly, whilst at the scene. My top sketchbook is used to explore ideas.
Observation and recording. I move around several sketchbooks at once. The top one is for experimenting with ideas and techniques but never acts as a 'formal' design for work. Records ideas and work in progress.
Dark profiles of  trees into high contrast on the water.

These photographs were taken at West Dean where I regularly work. Photographs support my sketches but I like to sit and observe.
5 minutes pen sketch. Try it yourself...but don't take the pen off the page..and just do..don't think. It is only pen and paper and you have nothing to lose.


  1. I just love this and will add it to my various links when I have a moment. Your work continually inspires me; and write now, I am just off downstairs to stitch (which was my plan for the day but work intervened). All the best, Ann. xx

  2. Thank you just about giving a little back and sharing.

  3. Happy and creative new year Cas