Friday, 15 April 2016

South West Wandering, California Dreaming

As I come to my last few days in California preparing to return home I am equally saddened to wave goodbye to good friends. I complete my trip with an exhibition 'Stitch Stories at Visions Art Museum.( Sneak image preview below.
I spent some time in San Diego taking in local culture. Loved the Do Ho Suh exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

Equally I enjoyed the bamboo in the botanical gardens. Beautiful views through to the green and light. I love art inspired by nature, This new E Book by pat of a series being produced by  Textile Artist should prove mouth watering:'Textile Art Inspired by Nature' E-Book 

And the patterns in the sand and the majestic trees at Torrey Pines....inspiration for artists everywhere.

The Canyons in the city are full of wildflowers and wild habitats. I enjoyed walking through these overlooked spaces with Maureen of Studio Maureen and the Next Door Gallery (housing an eclectic mix of vintage finds and fine local artists work.
Good to revisit the Mingei Museum and look at some stunning Ai-Zome stencil Kimono with text by the great Soetsu Yanagi who was one of Japan"s Living National Treasures, a master  potter and founder of the Mingei, Japanese  Folk Arts Movement. Beautiful indigo and white stencils.

 All to soon I will be leaving on one of these planes flying over Little Italy. An airport really in the heart of Downtown.Thankyou, Visions Art Museum, Sedona Arts Center and many more who have made this trip such an enjoyable and richly rewarding experience.


  1. Wow Cas, this looks like such an amazing trip - I absolutely love all the photographs - stunning scenery.

    1. It was. I am so fortunate to have been welcomed and to see so much whilst working and exhibiting

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