Monday, 21 April 2014

Word on the Bird Arizona

I am waiting at Sky Harbour on my way to San Diego.  I can only say there is so much to say about my time in Arizona that I cannot do it justice.  Thankyou to my friends and workshop participants (one and the same)  for sharing so much with me.
First of all Edger  the Raven who was introduced to me by Lynn our jeep driver at a wonderful day at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon at sunset
Red Rocks In Sedona. View from the house
Red Rocks The Sail and Crown
Botanical Garden in Phoenix with a lovely showing of the state tree Palo Verde and Cactus
Cactus in flower
What was really amazing was seeing this wonderful work by Chihuly. He also has the amazing piece at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I just love the way the work echoes the landscape. 
This piece is called the Reeds. There is also a Chihuly piece in Harrods
The Gardens also had a wonderful wildflower section. It was really hot but great to see such a wonderful variety typical of the Sonoran desert,
Loved this little lizard
Also had to be very aware of fire ants. This detail is of a piece is now in the hands of  a collector..of my work, not fire ants! It uses an old handkerchief and tea towel.
Finally some images of work in progress from my lovely students in Pheonix. Mixed media drawing and mark-making exploring text and image and some sample pieces of work in progress.

These were fantastic and individual explorations of work in progress so many thanks to all for allowing me to show examples. Finally, but not least. I had this wonderful article in my local on line magazine. Inside Maidstone. so home is never far away. My last two weeks are in San Diego..more to come.


  1. Love your photos, as always! Didn't I tell you that you'd love Sedona!! Your students did some fine works! We still miss you terribly!!!

    1. wow judy

      Its taking me long to reply...still missing you