Monday, 15 July 2013

Frames and Windows

I have spent the last few days working with my students at the Aylesford Priory not far from where I live. This gave me the opportunity to look at how frames and shapes for creating work. At the Carmelite priory there are some wonderful reliefs and artworks by Polish artist Adam Kossowski. His modernist style is fitting for the age of the the building. Following his release from a Soviet labour camp he dedicated his life to working in christian places of worship. The current pottery at the priory was founded by David Leach (son of Bernard Leach).

The Peace Garden provided a sheltered area with wooden posts separating the planting providing challenging divisions of space. I made the quick sketch below in a demo to my Adult Education students and you can see some of their work relating to the planting (laid out on a table during coffee break)

On my way to Hampton Court Palace I took some images whilst stuck in a traffic jam. Loved the way the steely grey fence separates the weeds beyond.

 An finally, remembering Tasmania, even a view through a window can present an opportunity for developing further. This resulting piece has a broken, open 'frame'.


  1. A lovely inspirational post, Cas. I am always taking photos of 'framed spaces' and indeed - when RQ is driving - have a series of images called 'through the window' (of the car). They are so useful for reminding me of the landscape and places through which we travel. Ann xx

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